Upper Schoolers Learn Self Defense

As part of a new Collegiate initiative to ensure that seniors are prepared to thrive after graduation, they are participating in skills-based workshops during their spring Senior Seminar.

Today they had an opportunity to learn from a local self-defense expert who goes by the name Chop Chop Bob and is passionate about helping teens and young adults stay safe.

Chop Chop Bob shared with students how he watched his now-deceased mother feel defenseless in an abusive relationship, and why that experience spurred him to help others protect themselves. Along with teaching high school students and young adults how to ward off an attacking stranger, he encourages them to be on guard for romantic relationships that turn violent.
He taught and demonstrated strategic protective moves to Collegiate students today, and also told them what not to do in dangerous situations. Some Upper School faculty members participated in the sessions as well.
Chop Chop Bob, who volunteered his time, served as the kick-off leader for Collegiate’s new second semester Link It & Live It wellness program for seniors, said Kathy Wrenn, Collegiate School's Wellness Coordinator. “We will be hosting two more programs for seniors before the end of the school year, (including) one on Financial Fitness, as they prepare to go off to college.”
Collegiate’s 10th Graders will also participate in self-defense training exercises with Chop Chop Bob during an upcoming Sophomore Retreat Day.
For more information on Chop Chop Bob, visit his Facebook page:
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